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Tom Buscaglia, The Game Attorney, is a principal in the law firm The Game Attorney PC and President of Dev-Biz, Inc., with offices in the Seattle, Washington, area.  Tom is admitted to practice in Washington State, Florida and the District of Columbia, as well as U.S. Federal Courts, including the United States Supreme Court.  

Tom has assisted game developers since 1991 with all aspects of business and legal matters.  Tom chairs the International Game Developers Association charitable Foundation.  Tom wrote the chapter entitled “Effective Developer Agreements” for the book, The Secrets of the Game Business and has written numerous articles, including the Game Law series of articles on, and frequently speaks on the game industry business and legal matters.  

As FaTe[F8S] Tom is founder and Supreme Warlord of FaTe’s Minions, an online gaming "clan" since January, 1998.  As a "hard-core" gamer, Tom has a gamer's appreciation and understanding of the game industry.


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