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September 12, 2005

Gobbly Goop and the IGN acquisition by Rupert M

Filed under: Thoughts and Rants — Tom B @ 9:27 am

So, it looks like media giant Rupert Murdoch is going to acquire the IGN/GameSpy group for his media empire. This is the same Rupert who turned Fox news into a soulless propaganda machine to boost ratings and pander to his fellow 1%ers (those in the top 1% of income worldwide). While I am sure the folks in the marketing departments at EA and Midway will rejoice at this as part of the inevitable maturation of a growing and vibrant insdustry, I will quietlky lament the fact that gamers will have less and less impact on games.

In short, Games are not ours any more. They are theirs and in the process, they will be controlling what we play. Not a pretty thought if you ask me. Of course, there is always Indies and perhaps this will help stimulate the underground independent game movement in a way that mere barriers to entry can not. After all, it is one thing to be foreclosed from making you game because you can not afford to make the game you want. But it is another if certain games are not available because they do not fit into the cookie cutter mentality of Big Business’ perception of what THEY want made.

Gamer’s may indeed need to take their passion for making and playing games underground to survive the gobbly goop machine of assimilation and mediocrity that so characterizes any endeavor subsumed into the mainstream by big business.

GL & HF!

Tom B

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