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October 2, 2005

I feel like a hot blond at the singles bar…

Filed under: Thoughts and Rants — Tom B @ 10:43 pm

Well, maybe not like a Hot Blond at the Bar, but certainly desirable. You see over th e past few weeks I have been contacted from two different sources who know of a developer who recently sold off some technology and is about 1/3 done with their game. I told them both to have him contact me. This is the sort of developer who I can usually help a great deal…long on talent but short on business savvy.

Let’s call them Dev1…had been looking for some funding and had valued their company way too low and were looking for equity funding and offering nearly half their stock to get it. Heck, they probably could have brought in the funds they needed on a publisher deal instead of selling off a big part of their company for less than 1/4 it’s worth, not including the game they are making.

I heard they were going to a meeting where they were seeking equity funding from another developer, let’s refer to them as Dev2. Probably a decent way to go…certainly better than some other options they were considering. But still no call from the Dev1. Well, taking your company to a funding meeting is fine…but I would recommend talking to legal counsel BEFORE the meeting…not afterward. Well apparently the meeting went well because the Dev2 called to hire me to represent them in the transaction.

When contacted, the head of Dev1 said he was planning to call me, but had not got around to it yet….well I sent word to him not to bother. At least not on this deal. You see, my dance card is full. This is the first time in my career as The Game Attorney that I have had developers on both sides of a deal wanting to hire me…and man that felt sweet. Thus the Hot Blond at the Bar comment….the one every guy wanted to dance with!

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