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October 26, 2005


Filed under: Thoughts and Rants — Tom B @ 12:48 pm

W I L M A ! ! ! ! Fred Flintstone’s voice is ringing in my mind.

It sure is sobering to have your house shaken to the rafters and see cars and tress tossed around like a kids toys. And electricity. Man oh man…is that something we take for granted. So, it’s Wednesday and I have been without power since early Monday morning at home. And even the Cingular network is AFU. So, no GPRS access to my email through my good ole PocketPC. But we still have analog via the telephone. Of course my beast of a portable graphics workstation I use to show off my client’s games has a battery life of about 40 minutes. So, trying to get through the volume of email (and spam) I get every day is not something I can do more that once or twice a day.

Fortunately, I have power and internet access here at the office. So all I need do it wind my way through the debris to get here to check my email and do my usual internet stuff. And to be honest, we are having our first cold front of the season with temperatures in the mid 70’s days and down into the 60’s at night. So, the lack of power is bearable and it’s even sort of fun to be making all our meals on the propane grill, and being away from the day to day din that modern life has become. So, I spent a few days playing with my chainsaw and packing away some of my own wood for future projects on my lathe. Having the doors open and actually talking to my neighbors. It ain’t so bad after all….

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