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March 16, 2006

A Public Apology…

Filed under: Thoughts and Rants — Tom B @ 2:22 pm

I must apologize to all of my fellow gamers and developers. Why? Because i failed to carry the banner into the chambers of the Miami-Dade County School board yesterday in opposition to the Wackie Jackie instigate “resolution” to bar RockStar’s upcoming game “Bully.” I could say I was busy preparing for the Game Developers Conference in San Jose next week, or that I was busy with one of the many things I have to get done before I leave. But, the simple truth of the matter is, I just didn’t bother.

The School Bord building is about 2 miles fro my office. I was aware of the pending vote. I know it’s total bullshit and am enraged that they would even consider such a resolution in the first place and most of all, I know it is Wackie Jackie at work here. So, why didn’t I show? Could be middle age malaise, but more likely it was a combination of being worn down by th incredible stupidity of elected officials, especially in the nationally renowned “banana republic” of Miami and no wanting to personally validate this stuff. But most probably, it was simple apathy and good old inertia. So, the next time I go off ranting at gamers for not bothering to stand up and to vote or take a position on important social issues, I’ll look back at this and remember, it’s always easier to bitch about something than it is to get up off you ass and do something about it.

So, again, I apologize for my complete lack of action and will endeavor to do better next time. BTW, the Wackie Jackie resolution was diluted down to “parents should be aware of the games their kid platy and follow the ESRB ratings.” NP there..I guess there are a few sane people on the school board…but theChairman head of the board, Frank Bolanos, is not one of them!

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