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November 29, 2006

Too Much to update…

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Looks like there is so much that has happened since my last post that updating will be a bit too much. So, here’s a quick summary so that I can get back to my usual ranting.

The relocation to the Seattle area finally got done. The move was a huge mess, but we got through it. Moving a home of 20 years was amazing. Lots of stuff to go through and throw out and sort, save and pack and load and unload and re-sort and…well you get the idea. In addition to the home move I also relocated my office so there was lots of stuff to go through and throw out and sort, save and pack and load and unload and re-sort and…oh yeah.

When I got here (Vashon Island WA) I had to completely redo the apartment over the garage to make it my new office. That took and stalled the move in for another week or two. Meanwhile I got settled in by attending the local IGDA chapter meeting and also visiting with friends and clients here in the Seattle area. A quick trip back to Miami on one of my cases at the same time as the IGDA Board of Directors retreat at Epic in Raleigh (good meeting and a chance to play a little Gears of War about three weeks before it was released…man that is on kick ass game!). When I returned I was the featured speaker at the Seattle IGDA meeting reporting out on the board retreat to hep IGDA members get a clearer undderstanding of what the orgaization is getting into…things like the formation of a chartiable foundation (which I chair) to promote educational, charitable and educational projects.

2 weeks later I was off to the Montreal International Games Summit at the invitation of the Canadian government. Great conference and Montreal rocks. The amount of governmental support for the industry in Canada is stunning. For example, 37.5% of employee pay for the first 10 years of employment is refunded at the end of the year as a tax credit! And the Government funded the entire conference. Little wonder why the game development industry is flourishing in Canada as it struggles here.

I am also in the process of signing a deal to do a book on Game Law for Focus Press…doing another Gamasutra Article…working on the IGDA Employment Contract Quality of Life Certification project and doing the usual lawyer contract and litigation stuff to make a living.

Well that’s about it….

GL & HF!

Tom B

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