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November 16, 2007


Filed under: Thoughts and Rants — Tom B @ 7:42 am

Relocating from Coconut Grove in Miami to Vashon Island, as Island on Puget Sound near Seattle, (Here’s where we are…check it out in satellite view!) Of course, this gave me a great excuse to become a total slacker…well I was busy with selling the house, then finding a new one, then downsizing my office, then packing, then closing on the sale, then closing on the purchase, then unpacking, then working on the new house and garden stuff including a renovation of the kitchen and master bath, setting up my new wood shop…all the while trying to keep my clients relatively happy and healthy. So, it was for sure a good excuse…but my “Monthly” column for Gamasutra became a little less than a quarterly venture, the most recent article on my web site was from July 2006 and this blog was dead.

This is sort of odd because at the new place I have a it set up sos that I can write from time to time in the late night and early morning without being disturbed and look out at the harbor. It is a great spot to have my morning coffee…actually, that’s what I am doing now. So, that’s the deal. I have missed ranting about a great deal of interesting stuff…but I am sure there will be something else interesting along in a few minutes.

Last night I went out to my office (above the garage) to do some email and ended up starting on the update of my GameAttorney web site. I love the whole retro look and feel of it, but it needs some sweet loving to make it nice. Certainly, my practice deserves it. I am also doing more business development for my clients than ever before and should probably get the Dev-Biz.com site built out as well. But may be not. A simple page with contact info may be just fine. After all, it works for the Creative Artists Agency!

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