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June 26, 2014

Some thoughts as IGDA Board of Directors Chair

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After almost 8 years on the IGDA Board of Directors, off and on, some call me a dedicated IGDA volunteer, others call me other things. As much as the IGDA often dazzles, baffles and even frustrates me, I must profess a deep abiding affection for the organization. Not because of the things it has accomplished. Or even its huge potential for good. It is because of its members. It is the community of developers and others individuals who help make the games we love that, for me, is what the IGDA is all about.

When I was elected to Chair of the IGDA Board last month I was awash with mixed feelings. Honored, scared, excited, and maybe even a little foolish. It certainly seemed like a fool’s errand, fraught with risk and having little or no tangible benefit. It is also limiting some of my good fun.

As a result of my unique place in the industry I have always been able to speak my mind, bluntly, or even crassly, at times. But that was OK because I was only speaking for myself and answerable to no one. For the next year or so, we’ll have none of that, as least not while I am Chair. Now, when I make any sort of public statement, even if I say it is only my personal opinion, it will be credited, for good or bad, to the IGDA and in some ways, as a result, everyone in our industry. So no colorful language (F-Bombs in particular), bombastic behavior or outrageous statements. That does not mean I am backing off….just putting tact before clarity for a while. Funny that the IGDA, which has always fed the kid in me, is making me act like a grown up. But no worries, I promise to remain a child at heart.

But, enough about me; what about the IGDA? Don’t ask me…I’m just the Board Chair. But seriously, the IGDA is really you, its members, as well as pretty much everyone else in our industry that we serve. So don’t expect me to be telling anyone out there what to do or suggesting their agenda. My only plan is to help the IGDA Board effectively facilitate the will of its members and to help meet members need and desires consistent with the IGDA’s Core Values. Core Values? Didn’t know we had any? We do and have had them for years. They were formulated in 2007 by a Board taskforce I served on.

These IGDA Core Values remain the solid foundation upon which this organization is built. And, they are worth repeating:

Community - We cultivate opportunities for our members and advance the profession when we communicate with our peers. We value inclusion and diversity as it makes us stronger, wiser and more relevant. We empower ourselves when we share information and opinions, collectivize resources and advocate on issues that concern us. We value the traditions and history of this community.
Professionalism – Game development is a bona fide profession dependent on the skills of talented individuals. As development professionals, we espouse conduct that is honorable and ethical, and beneficial to the profession, the industry and society at large.
Expression – Games are an expressive medium worthy of the same respect, and protections, as movies, literature and other forms of art and entertainment. We oppose any effort that would treat games differently from other forms of art and creative expression.
Innovation – We embrace and support “continual innovation” as being central to the medium of games, the game development profession and the IGDA.
Impact – Games and play are a major element in cultures around the world, with profound artistic, social, spiritual and technological impacts. They change the world in numerous ways such as entertaining, enhancing learning, inspiring creativity and innovation and forging new social connections.
Leadership – The IGDA provides leadership in addressing current and future issues affecting our profession. The IGDA’s role includes advocating publicly on issues that concern members, and on creating opportunities to empower its members. The IGDA provides leadership development opportunities for our members. As an individual member “Leadership means taking ownership, being a role model and a contributor to progress.
Fun – We are a community with a playful and fun culture, in an industry based on creating stimulating experiences for others. Games engage and entertain. Fun is in our DNA and we embrace that.

There’s a ton of goodness packed into those Core Values. (I kinda favor that last one.) Go ahead, read them again and see if you don’t agree.

The Members of the IGDA Board and I will be working as your volunteer leaders, along with our professional staff, to grow the IGDA and serve our individual members, to speak out on their behalf, especially when they cannot, and to assist them anyway we can and help them any way we can to further their careers. After all, we are a community. A community of individuals, not companies. A community of people helping people that make the games we all love.

This month the IGDA launched our Wednesday Webinars, and from that we will be building a library of content on issues relevant to developers. We are continuing to deliver real value too, through discounts and special deals for our members. And we’re just getting started.

Feel free to contact me at tom@igda.org with any questions, concerns or ideas you have or something you might like to see us try to make happen for you. We may not always come through, but I promise we will do what we can to achieve the goals of our mission: “To advance the careers and enhance the lives of game developers by connecting members with their peers, promoting professional development, and advocating on issues that affect the developer community.”

GL & HL!

Tom Buscaglia, Chair
IGDA Board of Directors

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