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June 28, 2006

WTF happened to Tom?

Filed under: Thoughts and Rants — Tom B @ 3:55 pm

Good question…well here’s the story. I am in the process of relocating my home and practice to the Seattle area. This has created a few distractions. And I guess when the bandwidth gets tight, the first things to go are my writing commitments. Not much of an excuse…but it’s the only one I have!

I am not sure what’s tougher…the home move or the office move.

I will be going to a home office situation and closed down my high rise office a week ago last Saturday. It has been by Batcave for almost 8 years. Lots of memories in that place and tons of dust under the furniture as well.

We were in Seattle for 4 days and looked at about 34 possibles. I think we have it down to the one we will be making an offer on. It’s pretty cool and should serve our needs pretty well. Nice office above the garage for me, room for a home office for my wife in the house (she works from home as well) and a very cewl wood shop w/ 220v power already in place (we both do workworking for fun!).

We had plans for our house to be sold this week…but it has been postponed or possibly cancelled. We have lived here for 20 years and raised both our kids here…so there are plenty of memories here too, as well as more dust!

The stress level has been so high that I have been pretty much unable to do much of anything. I have this week to try to get some work done (in between he initial office move and the home move) and then the packing will begin in earnest. Then the moving sometime in the next few weeks, I hope. Then the unpacking then the renovations to the new place…arrgghh!

I just hope I can keep all these plates in the air until then!

To give you a small idea of exactly what has been involved in this venture…and the other things that seemed to have popped up at this most inopportune of times, here’s a short list.

  • Repair All Potential Problems with House
  • Put House on Market
  • Have Open House every Sunday
  • Pack Office
  • Get CAC fixed
  • Make Space in Home for Office
  • Move rest of Office into Storage
  • Get other CAC fixed
  • Shop for new house in Pacific NW
  • Find Cool House
  • Fix Spa pump
  • Lose Cool House to Competing Buyer Because Our House not sold Yet
  • Have Wife go into Hospital for Minor Operation
  • Get Diabetes Training
  • Fix Leaks in Spa
  • Fly out to find another cool house
  • Have Angiogram (get wire stuck into heart)
  • Have Buyers deal falter due to our Buyer’s buyer flaking off
  • Getting angiogram results and learning I need more stent work on my heart
  • Still waiting for a solid deal on my house
  • 25th Wedding anniversary and being too screwed up to do much about it
  • Stress Stress Stress
  • Of course, I also have my usually law practice stuff, consulting with various developers and my duties as an IGDA board member…

    So, to everyone who enjoys my thoughts and rants, I am not gone…just a little busy. But I’ll do what I can to post stuff from time to time, even if it is a bit less lofty and more mundane that the usual fare.


    1. Welcome to Seattle, Tom! I had the pleasure of moving to the area a little over a year ago and will enjoy reading future posts sprinkled with local references I can say “I know that place” about. :)

      Comment by Nick — July 6, 2006 @ 2:25 pm

    2. This piece of news should make whacky-jacky very happy! ;-)

      Good luck on your move Tom!

      By the way, if you read this, do you happen to have family in Puerto Rico? I’ve heard that name before around here.

      Comment by duncan_922 — July 24, 2006 @ 3:33 pm

    3. Well I don’t know of any relatives in PR…but they are probably related through either the Sicilian (my folks) or the Milano branch of the Buscaglia clan.

      Ahhh…beautiful Puerto Rico. I had a most awesome time there at the el San Juan Hotel in a beach cottage with a Jewish/PR Virgin Princess with the most beautiful legs…she was soooo hot! She was about 24 years old and on her way to med school swhen I met her through her similarly hot sister. I was her first. When she would get hot she would begin to sweat and her long straight black hair would develop these oh so cute little ringlettes along the nape of her neck. Man o man, she was something special!

      Comment by Tom B — July 24, 2006 @ 4:10 pm

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