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August 17, 2006

Personal update…

Filed under: Thoughts and Rants — Tom B @ 10:50 am

No game industry rant this time…but I am working one up in my subconsciousness…that’s the sure. I just though it might be nice to bring everyone up to speed on my personal life adventures.

Relocation - well we finally got a contract on our home in Coconut Grove and are set to close on the 15th of next month. The movers should be here a few days in advance of the move. And we have reached an agreement, in principle (that means on price and terms) on our new home just outside of Seattle, on Vashon Island. The new place has a separate apartment over the garage that will be my new office and even has a sweet woodshop already wired with 22oV for my wood lathe and other projects. We should be there a few days after we close here if all goes well!

Arterial Plumbing Work - As I mentioned a few posts ago, I had an angiogram and the Dr. decided I needed an angioplasty to insert a few more stents to keep the arteries in my heart wide open. He is an artist and goes in through the wrist instead of through the groin which makes the procedure nearly an outpatient deal. I went in at 9 AM and was released at 7 PM the same day! If you want to get a look at the pictures and movies, check it out! This brings the total number of coronary stents I have to eight…I’ve got a bionic heart!

I guess this means that I am healthy enough to pack and load a bunch of boxes…arrgghh!


  1. I’m heading to South Florida again the weekend of 9/22 - how about we do those arteries some good at Tobacco Road or other place? ;-)

    Comment by PorradaVFR — September 8, 2006 @ 4:35 pm

  2. No way - the moving truck gets here on Thursday and we fly out Saturday the 16th….close in the bew house on Vashon Island near in Seattle on the 19th. I think that would be a little too soon to come back to MIA for a visit.

    Pix here!

    Sorry Popo

    Comment by Tom B — September 8, 2006 @ 5:04 pm

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