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December 16, 2006

Wacky Jackie makes Nightline…Now He will be Even More Full of Himself!

Filed under: Thoughts and Rants — Tom B @ 7:15 pm

OK, so I have said over and over, just ignore the foolio and maybe he’ll just fade away. Well, that seems unlikely so long as supposedly legitimate media news folks give this nutcase a platform. In case you missed it, JT was recently featured on the new and completely bastardized Nightline - man that show went from a top news show to a POS video crap-a-thon when Ted Coppel left…but I digress…

Anyway…here’s the Link to the video of the interview, in case you missed it.

As much as I really hate to see Jack get any coverage at all, this was an interesting opportunity to see him “dance like an organ grinder’s monkey without an organ grinder!”

Jack’s personal mission is total BS. He has wasted hundreds or thousands of taxpayer dollars defending his state court anti gaming law that has, in every instance, failed to pass constitutional muster. And I hope that ever single legislators who sponsored this most stupid legislation is called to task for ignoring important problems in society and wasting the legislature’s resources on this “fool’s errand” at Wacky Jackie’s behest.

But back to our show…Notice how when challenged he falls back on his notoriously vague and unidentified “experts.” But the really cool thing about this video is you get to take a close look at him. And take a close look at his eyes! As things get more adversarial he starts to look more and ore like he is viewing the world through a spinning fan! He is nowhere near earth, that’s for sure.

Let’s think about this…around 80% of people under 30 play games regularly. (my numbers here come from the book, Game On by John Beck). That mean that 80% of all violent acts by people under 30 are done by people who play games! Doh! But, of course, as any statistical will tell you, this in non way establishes a causal connection.

Then there is his good ole “frontal lobe damage argument!!!” Bah!

My favorite part of the interview is where Nightline’s Bill Weir hits him with the FBI statistics showing a drastic 50% drop in teen assaults since the advent of video games. I think that games have actually helped decrease violent crime by finding an imaginary and harmless way to folks to ease the stress inducted anger in their lives. Of course, Wacky Jackie thinks that these statistics are wrong because schools are less likely to report violence than they use to be (no reason was given for this position…probably because it seriously undermines his whole position on games). The interviewer jumped on Jackie on this issue asking him if he really though that in the wake of Columbine schools would actually be LESS likely to report violence in school. Watch his dumb look in response to this obvious point and watch his eyes…rolling around in their sockets. Man, this guy is a hoot! Finally, out come the “experts” he has talked to…I mean, what experts are talking to him anyway? Only the ones who agree with him! This is truely pitiful!

You know, when he refused to debate me on video game violence last year, his final point was that I was unworthy because I had never appeared on shows like Nightline… great. Now I guess I’ll never be worthy to show this guy for the pitiful loser that he is…oh darn!

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