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December 2, 2008

Game Law Articles Updates

Filed under: Thoughts and Rants, Game Law Articles — Tom B @ 1:52 pm

As you may know, I have published a bunch of articles on the Gamesutra.com entitled “Game Law” and elsewhere various industry business and legal issues. I have them assembled here in case anyone had any comments or questions about the topics covered. Since I was provided an “Expert” blog on Gamasutra a few years ago, my articles have been done on this blog and copied there. So, in addition to the links below, you may want to also check through the other posts here for other articles of interest. You are welcome to redistribute any of these articles or posts for free, so long as you include include my copyright notice at the end of each article and my firm’s web address. Please include the legend “© 2011, Thomas H. Buscaglia, All rights reserved” and the www.gameattorney.com URL in each article posted or published elsewhere. The sale or any other commercial exploitation of these articles, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited.

Here’s a list of, and links to, my Articles and publish dates:

# Gamasutra - Game Law: So, What’s the Dealio? [10.23.08]

# Gamasutra - Game Law: Get Your Pigs in a Row! [06.03.08]

# Gamasutra - Game Law: Man’s Best Friend Sometimes Bites [03.28.08]

# Gamasutra - Game Law: Game Law: 50/50 Deals on Ancillary Revenues and Sublicenses [1.8.08]

# Gamasutra - Game Law: Discipline and the Up Sell [10.30.07]

# Gamasutra - Game Law: Scrum Deals - Good, Bad or Ugly? [08.28.07]

# Gamasutra - Game Law: Competent Counsel [06.27.07]

# Call Of Duty: Finest Hour - The Contract (Linked to Gamasutra site)

# Game Developer Magazine: Hey, That’s not the deal we talked about! [10.06]

# Gamecloud.com: Game Attorney Interview - My Life and Times [09.6.06]

# Gamasutra - Game Law: Contract Mumbo Jumbo 101 [07.25.06]

# Gamasutra - Game Law: Everybody Conga…Well Maybe not Everybody! [04.28.06]

# Gamasutra - Game Law: The Good News About Digital Distribution [03.01.06]

# Gamasutra - Game Law: Prior Restraint of Games - A Rant [01.19.06]

# Gamasutra - Game Law: To Sue or Not to Sue…That is the Question [12.07.05]

# Gamasutra - Game Law: A Case for Flexible Milestone Deliverables [10.27.05]

# Gamasutra - Game Law: Audit Rights - Use Em or Lose Em! [09.19.05]


  1. These articles are fantastic. I just came across this treasure trove on Gamasutra while doing research for my law journal article. As an avid gamer and suffering law student I can only hope that my career even remotely mirrors yours. Keep up the great work!

    Comment by Donkeykwon — November 30, 2008 @ 4:46 pm

  2. Will do…

    Tom B

    Comment by Tom B — December 1, 2008 @ 10:55 am

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