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March 21, 2008

Quake changed my life!

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I am sure you hear that all the time. But for me it’s true. In several ways. But for now, let’s focus on my career. Being a musician before law school, I knew that there was only one type of lawyering I wanted to do…trial work. After all, the jury was just a smaller audience. And I had already been studying the dynamics surrounding the feedback loop that occurs when a group of people give heir attention to one person. I had learned through my days as a rock musician that attention is both empowering and malleable. So trial law was a natural for it. And if I do say so myself, I was one MF of a trial attorney. I loved the pressure, the focus, the need to be totally aware of your surroundings and having someone interests or even freedom, in my hands. Pretty heady stuff. for sure.

Trial initially grew out of the days when the “royals” would each select a champion to do battle for them to resolve their disputes. (The magazine for a national criminal defense association is actually called “The Champion”) And I loved the combative nature of trials. Within the framework of a strict set of rules, at its core, it is still war! However, as my law practice changed over the years, trials grew fewer with only one a year, and if I did not get my “fix” of combat I would tend to get even more surly that normal, which is already pretty surly! Around this time I found Quake…

Well it turned out that Quake was able to fill the void created by my lack of trials. My “blood lust” was sated by virtual fighting shoulder to shoulder with my fellow Clan members in F8S. And at that point in my career I was starting to tire of the total BS surrounding civil litigation and no doing much of any criminal work any more either. So, it was time. And Quake had some added bonuses. The community of folks playing QW Thunderwalker CTF became my tech mentors. Playing online I learned a ton about networks and needing to upgrade from time to time, I learned about PC’s. And out of my interest I started to learn way more than any sane lawyer should know about everything from polygons to algorithms. And many of the folks from the Old School TW days moved into the industry and we see each other often at the industry events, adding a sense of continuity to this whole crazy trip. But most of all, Quake introduced me to the game industry that I have grown to love and found a home in and to the folks who makes then. And now I have the pleasure of doing what I can to help those folks make those life changing games we play and love.

Now I no longer need a trial to “get right.” and do nothing but Game Law for a living. I even still play Quake every once in a while.

Pretty sweet!

Thanks Quake!

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