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October 8, 2005

Coolaid anyone?

Filed under: Thoughts and Rants — Tom B @ 1:28 pm

Well here I am at the Indie Game Con in Eugene Oregon. Home of the indie games poster child and facilitator catalyst Garage Games. The place where the last of the hard core independents gather to commiserate and execute their plans of world domination from outside the system through ingenuity and alternative distribution models. I come here every year to preach the “Game Attorney” gospel to the congregation.

And what am I doing right now you ask… sitting in the main conference area leaning against a table that has a half dozen X-Box 360s - fully functional, and listening to a Microsoft X-Box evangelist preaching X-Box Arcade as a solid viable portal for independent games. Wow this is great…or…run for your lives it’s a Borg invasion!!! Well it is probably a little of both. Certainly for those indies making relatively small footprint it will mean access to a relatively huge installed user base. At launch the installed base will be small…but the opportunity will be there. Certification remains an issue and I’ll try to make sure that I teach the submission process so that I can help “my people” through the process.

As for the whole “cool aid” thing. Well if we want to make a living at this stuff we will have to make some compromises. Maybe it will work. Though access to the channel will be very limited for the first year at least. And after that…well - We’ll see. Talk is cheap and the proof is in the pudding.

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